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"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” - Pericles

- True leaders are stewards of the future, meaning they have a responsibility to build on the legacy of the past while working towards a vision of the future. 
- Leaders must steward the purpose of their programs as they organize their teams around a mission that is bigger than an individual.  
- In the book of Hebrews, the author describes a hall of faith that describes a lineage of men and women whose legacy is remembered because of their faithfulness. At the heart of leaving a legacy (at least one that has a positive impact on the world) is the concept of faithfulness — a faithfulness that lives into the realities of the past while aiming toward the hope of the future, a faithfulness that prioritizes the transformation of hearts and minds over the accomplishment of trophies and championships, a faithfulness that adopts an eternal perspective as the basis and formation of leadership.
Are you interested in being a leader and leaving a legacy?  Upward basketball and cheerleading requires over 100 coaches each year.  Will you be a coach who impacts a child?  If so, please sign up here: K-4th or 5th-9th  
Have questions about coaching?  Review the FAQs below.  Still have questions? No problem, please send an email to director@washtenawupward.org.  We will promptly respond to you.
FAQ for Coaches:
- How much time is required?
Coaching usually takes 3-4 hours per week.  ~1.5 hours for practices, including showing up early to set up the building and tear down at the end. 1.5-2 hours for basketball games on Saturdays.  0.5-1 hour for practice planning (drills, read through provided devotions, sending emails to the team, etc.).  Information provide to all coaches can be found HERE.
- Will I be the only coach?
Likely No.  On rare occasions we have had experienced coaches coach alone.  We always work to pair up coaches.  If you have someone you would like to coach with, send us an email and we will get you paired up.
- I have played basketball but never coach.  Is this really for me?
Please sign up and let us know your situation.  We can pair you with another coach who has coached before or find a way to make coaching comfortable for you.
- Do I get anything special for coaching?
YES!  Not only will you be to request a practice night, we will also attempt to place your practice near your residence.  You also will receive a beautiful Upward Coaches shirt, which you can wear to each action packed game on Saturday.
- I heard Upward has special rules.  What are they?
Please find the rules HERE.  They are very easy once you start the season and get into the games.
- Will I have fun?
You will get out of this experience whatever you put into it.  If you are committed to loving Jesus, loving the kids and teaching great basketball, the experience of coaching will be beyond rewarding.  Be reminded from Matthew 5:12 "Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven..." 
Taken from: https://athletesinaction.org/underreview/how-coaches-can-leave-lasting-legacies#.XUjofPZFxPY

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