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2020 Game Schedule HERE 

Substitution Pattern HERE 

2020 Basketball Coach Playbook HERE

Cheerleading Coach Cheer Book HERE

2020 Rules By Division HERE



Uniform Colors: Home Team is White, Away Team is Yellow


Basketball Coach Practice Structure

Please follow suggested rules to cover and skills focus areas so that all teams are covering the same material on the same week.  


Practice Focus

Team Meeting

Rules to Cover


· Get to know each other

· Evaluate skills
· Set practice rules

·  Teammate introductions 

·  Discuss practice ground rules 

·  Introduce basic footwork, dribbling, and shooting skills 

· Practice rules


·  Continue skill evaluation 

·  Teach passing fundamentals 

·  Teach positions and responsibilities 

· Re-introduce players and coaches

· Discuss some common violations

· Traveling

· Double Dribbling

· Palming or Carrying the Ball


week of first game

· Review re-start situations

· Teach shooting fundamentals

·  Review traveling double dribble, and palming the ball 

·  Discuss game format and substitution system 

· No double- teaming

· No pressing in the backcourt


·  Teach 3-second violation 

·  Discuss positions on the court 

·  Skill developments 

· Review defensive rules

· Games situations and court spacing

· Three-second violation

· Common fouls · Help defense


· Teach offensive movement

· Continue to teach court spacing

· Discuss practice focus

· Review the last game · Review basic rules

· Review all rules as a fun quiz

6-11 through

last practice

·  Continue skill development 

·  Analyze game performances, coach through improvements 

·  Review the last game and improvements that need to be made 

·  Discuss practice focus 

· Continue to review rules for clear understanding

2020 Substitution Pattern

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Coach Playbook 2020

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Cheerleading Playbook 2020

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2020 Rules By Division

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Star Distribution Record

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