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Frequently Asked Questions
We have just as many questions as you do during this unique time, and we are working tirelessly to provide as many answers as possible.  In general, we will adhere to all state and local orders in place at the time of the season start.  The questions below are answered based on the current MDHHS epidemic orders and may change as we get closer to the start of the season (and potentially throughout the season).
We appreciate your patience and look forward to another amazing Upward basketball season!
1) Will my player be required to wear a mask at practice/games/etc.?
     ** Based on the current MDHHS epidemic orders, all players and coaches will be required to wear masks at all times while indoors or near other teammates.  This includes at practice and at games.
2)  Will the parents and spectators be required to wear a mask?
     ** Based on the current MDHHS epidemic order, all parents and spectators will be required to wear a mask while indoors.  This includes at practice and at games.  Parents and spectators not wearing a mask will kindly be asked to leave the building.
3)  Will there be limited capacity at the games?
     ** Based on the current MDHHS epidemic order, seating capacity will be limited for spectators.  We will check with the latest executive order before each game to update the number of spectators allowed each week.
4)  Will players still have a halftime and stars ceremony?
     **  Yes!! We believe the halftime and stars ceremony are very important to the players.  Star ceremonies may look different this year, but we will still have them in accordance with the latest MDHHS epidemic order.
5)  Will practice sites and game sites be cleaned?
     **  We will provide some cleaning suppliers for coaches and parents to use.  We ask that parents and coaches help provide a clean environment for all involved.  This includes ask parents to volunteer to help clean off surfaces before and after practices and games.  We will also sanitize the balls between periods and benches between games.